App Store Optimization Guide for iOS Apps: What Is ASO?

The intro to App Store Optimization Guide helps you to learn everything you need to know from the start. Build the right optimization strategy for your app.

July 03, 2019

To ensure successful, accelerated growth of an app on an app store, the very first thing to do is to make the app awesome. Then, optimize it properly in response to the next big challenge called App Store Optimization, or ASO for short. Join us on the ultimate ASO guide for iOS apps and games. Stay tuned for our future handbooks and manuals on how to grow applications on other marketplaces and platforms (and not only with the help of pure ASO).

What Is App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a set of measures and a process designed to boost the visibility of a mobile application in an app store such as Apple's App Store for iOS apps, Google Play for Android apps, and so on. Strategically aimed to increase the number of app downloads and installs by users, ASO is tactically focused around two main app metadata optimization activity directions that we will delve into along this ASO guide:

  • obtain and retain the highest possible ranking in search results and top app charts, primarily by means of keyword optimization of the app’s product page — similar to the Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, for websites, and
  • improve the impressions-to-downloads conversion rate — known as the Conversion Rate Optimization, or CRO.

The app store optimization best practices also involve consistent efforts to get featured in editorial picks and recommendations.

Generally, there are multiple app stores in which you might want to make your mobile app available and, eventually, successful. Optimization in each marketplace has its own peculiarities. Today we begin with publishing a comprehensive ASO guide for optimizing iOS apps for iPhone and iPad in the App Store by Apple — welcome to our ultimate collection of ASO guidelines, tips, and checklist instructions along with requirements and specifications for each particular App Store Optimization activity.

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The present ASO guide is for developers, publishers, and whoever else involved in the process of iOS app marketing and growth. It is logically divided into three massive parts.

Part one of the ASO guide is devoted to optimizing textual metadata on the App Store, including the following information:

  • app name
  • subtitle
  • keywords
  • categories
  • promotional text
  • description
  • what's new
  • developer's name

Part two describes how to optimize visual graphics, such as:

  • app icon
  • screenshots
  • video previews

The final, third part puts a spotlight on other resources and techniques for the App Store optimization you should be aware of:

  • ratings and reviews
  • in-app purchases
  • localization
  • getting in touch with editors
  • extra user acquisition
  • black hat ASO
  • analytics and re-evaluation

We are going to be updating and replenishing this guide for iOS apps' ASO on a continual basis, doing our best to keep it up with the latest developments, trends, and best practices.

Feedback Wanted

If you have any particular questions and do not have time to wait until the next update is pushed, or to come up with an idea of a new article, ping us in the comments or get in touch directly — we will be more than glad to be of help.

Got a good example or a cool success story showing your ASO experience? Share it with us and we will add it to this guide — let’s join the community’s forces to make it a perfect place for everyone to study ASO.

In the meantime, enjoy the latest release of our ultimate, three-part App Store Optimization guide for iOS apps.

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