State of Global Mobile Market in 2019-2020

What are the predictions for the mobile market in 2020? Check the data collected over the past year and see who is leading the mobile transformation.

January 15, 2020

App Annie, a mobile data and analytics company, published its annual State of Mobile report that unveils the biggest app market trends for the past year and provides forecasts for the near future.

Here are several quick facts about the results of 2019:

  • Worldwide downloads in 2019 — 204 billion (a new record)
  • Worldwide app store consumer spend in 2019 — $120 billion
  • Average time spent per day on mobile in 2019 — 3 hours and 40 minutes (10% year over year and 35% vs the 2017 level)
  • Higher average IPO valuation for mobile companies in 2019 — 825%
  • Higher per user engagement by Generation Z vs older people in 2019 — 60%

Look what to expect in 2020 in the mobile market, according to App Annie:

  • Global consumer and mobile ad spend in 2020 — $380 billion
  • Global mobile ad spend in 2020 — $240 billion
  • Mobile game cosumer spend across all app stores in 2020 — $100+ billion

In the new report, App Annie also highlighted five verticals that are leading the mobile transformation:

  1. Gaming — $86 billion spent globally in mobile gaming in 2019, which is 25% more than home console gaming, handheld console gaming, and Mac and PC gaming combined all together.
  2. Finance — fintechs globally intrude on traditional banking and financial services, with user bases growing 20% in 2019 year over year.
  3. Retail — time spent on mobile is fueling both online and in-store sales. In the United States, time spent in mobile shopping apps had a strong correlation with retail sales (r-value of 0.94).
  4. Video streaming — in 2019, 25% of Netflix's iPhone users also used Disney+, and the overlap of Netflix's user base with TikTok grew 75% year over year as new players compete for consumer attention.
  5. Social — globally, consumers spend 50% of their time on mobile in social and communications apps. User-generated video streaming apps like TikTok blur the lines between social and entertainment.

Check out the State of Mobile 2020 report from App Annie to look into the latest mobile app market statistics and learn more, unveiling the insights you need to succeed.