Mobile App Market Trends in Q1 2020

What are the top app market trends in the first quarter of 2020? Check the data to find out how the worldwide pandemic is changing the mobile app economy.

April 21, 2020

In the novel SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic, the mobile app economy is feeling different than its sister real-world economy. Data from a new market report published just about now by mobile analytics company Adjust reveals significant growth in mobile app install and session numbers saw sharp increases in Q1 2020 compared to Q1 2019. This trend is especially clear in such verticals as Games, Food and Drink, and Business.

Gaming apps, for example, had 132% more installs in the previous month's last week than in 2019. Overall in Q1 2020 in comparison with Q1 2019, mobile games are reported to have experienced a 75% growth in the number of installs and a 47% growth in sessions.

Food and Drink apps also saw a notable rise in sessions (up 73% from Q1 2019) while installs grew by one-fifth.

As far as Business apps are concerned, this vertical dramatically grew in both sessions (more than double from Q1 2019) and installs (up 70% compared to Q1 2019). In addition, to facilitate remote work, consumers were seen picking premium versions, which caused a 75% increase in revenue events.

It is also interesting to note here that installs from paid sources went up from 24% of total mobile app installs in 2018 to 30% last year.

Some of the daily app usage patterns newly found by Adjust are as follows:

There are two peaks of sessions for E-commerce apps: 12 pm to 2 pm, and 7 pm to 10 pm. The evening spike accounts for approximately 25% of the total daily sessions.

Food and Drink apps enjoy a peak time over the period from 5 pm to 8 pm (31%).

Casual games are most widely used from noon to 4 pm (15%). Midcore gamers are especially active from 5 am to peak at 1 pm.

Read more about the key takeaways from Adjust's Mobile App Trends Report on VentureBeat. The full report is available on Adjust's website.