Apple App Store Sales Valued at $519 Billion in 2019

Read about the size of the App Store sales in 2019. What are the main streams of revenue? The analytical data revealed by independent economists.

June 17, 2020

Earlier this week, Apple officially presented to the public the findings of a just-finished study aimed to value the true monetary size of the App Store in 2019. Titled How Large Is the Apple App Store Ecosystem? A Global Perspective for 2019 and openly supported by Apple, the research had been conducted by a three independent experts in economics from consultancy firm Analysis Group — Juliette Caminade, Jonathan Borck, as well as Markus von Wartburg.

According to the results of this interesting study, the entire ecosystem of the Apple App Store is seen as having generated an overwhelming total of $519 billion over the course of the last year alone. Remarkably, third-party products account for as much as over eighty-five percent of that huge amount.

The estimated total of $519 billion is reported to break down into the following constituent parts:

  • About eighty percent, or $413 billion, were generated by sales of physical goods and services through the available mobile applications. The three largest streams here took place in such segments of mobile commerce (m-commerce) as general retail (amounted at around $268 billion), travel ($57 billion), as well as ride hailing businesses ($40 billion).
  • Another $61 billion, according to the current report, were from billings and sales of various digital goods and services.
  • The rest, or $45 billion, came through in-app advertising sales that, in their turn, consist of $25 billion for non-gaming mobile applications and, consequently, $20 billion for games supplied through the App Store.

If you think these numbers look too big, then you should pay attention to the fact that the authors of the research also warned that all of their estimates should be considered — wait for it — conservative, a lower bound on how much value Apple's App Store ecosystem could facilitate in 2019 in reality. Learn why and see more interesting figures along with conclusions in Apple's official press release and the study itself.